Firms, office and institution

We possess:

  • Fleet adapted to particular tasks;
  • Experienced team;
  • Appropriate packaging materials;
  • Property insurance with a possibility of additional insurance

The most important for company removals are planning of the entire process and timely manner or delivery of services. Our aim is to move your company to another place safely, professionally, and promptly. We also offer our services to be done during late hours or on days off in order not to disturb the work of your firm.

Our experience consists of numerous efficiently moved offices, firms, warehouses and archives. We treat your job equally serious as ours – we make sure that the process of company relocation does not impact on your duties in a negative way.


We offer:

  • Relocation of offices (office removals);
  • Company removals;
  • Institution removals;
  • Free-of-charge valuation and professional expert diagnose;
  • Attendance and assistance in planning the removal agenda;
  • Support during the entire process of relocation by appointing the same people to coordinate the relocation;
  • Provision of packaging materials;
  • Packing and protecting of property;
  • Protecting communication routes;
  • Packing and protecting of IT equipment;
  • Transport of confidential documents;
  • Installing and dismantling of furniture;
  • Guarantee of service delivery in agreed time.


  • Cleanup of the left property;
  • Reprocessing of furniture;
  • Animal care.

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